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Okinawa reacts sharply to Okinawa Area Coordinator’s remarks

  • December 15, 2016
  • , FujiTV
  • JMH Summary

Fuji TV reported at noon that the people of Okinawa are reacting sharply to remarks made by Okinawa Area Coordinator Nicholson to senior officials of the Okinawa government, in which he reportedly expressed the view that people should be thankful that the incident did not harm homes or injure people in Okinawa and praised the decision made by the pilot. One local citizen was quoted as saying in Naha this morning: “It’s outrageous. He’s looking down on the people of Okinawa.” Another said: “It’s appalling that he’s telling us to be thankful. It shows that they still have an occupier mentality.” NHK also reported at noon on Okinawan’s growing anger against Lt. Gen. Nicholson, who reportedly reacted sharply to the protest made by the Okinawa prefectural government on Wednesday. The networks also said Okinawa Governor Onaga is expected to visit the Kantei this afternoon to directly lodge a protest over the incident and call for the withdrawal of Ospreys.

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