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Chinese H-6 bombers make abnormal moves

NHK reported this afternoon that it learned from USG officials that Chinese H-6 bombers have made peculiar moves this month, such as circling Taiwan on Nov. 25 and Dec. 10. In addition, the Chinese military reportedly deployed H-6 bombers to the South China Sea twice on Dec. 7 and 8, and at one time the aircraft flew along the so-called 9-Dash Line. The network said that according to the USG officials, although the Chinese military have flown bombers in the East or South China Seas in the past, it is abnormal for Chinese bombers to repeatedly fly around Taiwan or the South China Sea within the short period of two weeks. The network said President-elect Trump held a rare phone conversation with the Taiwanese leader around this time, adding that according to the USG officials,China could have been trying to send a message to the U.S. The network said the USG is currently analyzing China’s intentions.

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