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LDP chief dissatisfied with outcome of Abe-Putin talks on territorial issue

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai indicated his dissatisfaction with the Japan-Russia summit during a speech in Sapporo City on Dec. 19, saying it was “unsatisfactory” and that “although it can be credited for being an improvement on past (Japanese diplomacy), there should have been more in-depth discussions. I thought it could have done better.”


Nikai also stressed that “Russia will be making a big mistake if it thinks that Japan will be happy with these results.” Referring to the Soviet Union’s declaration of war on Japan just before the end of World War II, he said: “There should have been words of apology. Japan should make such a demand in a dignified manner before the two sides can really begin to negotiate.”


While Nikai admitted that the summit talks were “successful to a certain extent” because the two leaders “expressed their sincere determination to resolve the peace treaty issue,” he said: “I hate to be critical, but we must make a fair assessment.”


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