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70% of Japanese, 50% of Americans say nuclear weapons “not necessary” for deterrence, Yomiuri-Gallup poll

[The Yomiuri Shimbun and the Gallup Organization, a U.S. polling company, conducted a telephone-based joint public opinion survey in Japan and the United States on Nov. 28–Dec. 4.]


When asked if nuclear weapons are necessary to deter war, more than 70% of pollees in Japan said “no” whereas respondents in the United States were split, with slightly over 50% saying “no” and slightly under 50% of respondents saying “yes.”


Looking at those who said nuclear weapons are necessary by age group, 32% of Japanese age 18–29 said the arms are necessary. In Japan, the percentage seeing a need for nuclear weapons decreased as the age of the pollees increased, with only 14% of those aged 70 or over saying the weapons were a necessary deterrent. In contrast, in the United States, the percentage of pollees with a positive view of nuclear weapons as a deterrent rose as the age of the pollees increased. Some 31% of American pollees aged 18–29 and 41% of those in their 30s thought the weapons were necessary as a deterrent, while age groups from the 40s and up all had approval rates in the 50% range.


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