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Abe rules out snap election in near future

NHK’s Sunday morning talk show “Nichiyo Toron” aired live, one-on-one interviews with the leaders of major political parties, including LDP President/Prime Minister Abe, who dismissed speculation that he may dissolve the Lower House later this month for a snap election. Abe said: “I’m not thinking about that at all. Our first task should be to ensure economic reconstruction. Since the most effective tool is to enact the budget legislation, we will do our best to make this happen at an early date.” Democratic Party President Renho noted that all members of the party must recognize that the public still has a very critical view of the largest opposition party. She stressed that she will accelerate electoral cooperation with other opposition parties with the ultimate goal of creating a two-party system in Japan. Japanese Communist Party Chairman Shii expressed confidence about deepening election cooperation within the opposition camp.     

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