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Suga comments on recall of Japanese Ambassador to South Korea

All networks reported at noon on the temporary recall of Japanese Ambassador to South Korea Nagamine in protest of the installation of the comfort woman statue in Busan and his meeting with Prime Minister Abe at the Kantei today. The networks also quoted Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga as telling reporters today: “The two governments confirmed that the comfort women issue would be finally and irreversibly resolved in the Japan-ROK agreement of 2015. The South Korean government has also said its intention to steadily implement the agreement remains unchanged. We will continue to call on the South Korean side to steadily implement the agreement, including the issue of the comfort woman statue.” Suga reportedly said it has not yet been decided when Ambassador Nagamine will return to South Korea. In addition, Suga reportedly said: “South Korea is a country with which we share extremely important and common values. In particular, Japan, South Korea, and the United States need to work closely to deal with North Korea.”

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