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Inbound tourists’ spending a record 3.7 trillion yen

  • January 18, 2017
  • , Mainichi , p. 6
  • JMH Translation

The tourism ministry announced on the 17th that the 2016 inbound tourists’ spending grew 7.8 % from the previous year, reaching a record of an estimated 3.747 trillion yen. Although the number of inbound visitors was also record setting, exceeding 24 million, the rate of increase in their spending suddenly slowed compared with the 2015 71.5% growth rate. The so-called bakugai shopping sprees of Chinese tourists have been waning. Finding ways to encourage spending in outlying areas rich in natural and cultural tourism assets will be the key.


The spending per tourist declined approximately 20,000 yen to 155,896 yen. Looking at countries/regions ranked by total spending, China, Taiwan and South Korea are the top three marking 1,475.5 billion, 524.5 billion, and 357.8 billion yen, respectively. By spending category, spending on accommodations and meals (including beverages) has increased to 1,014 billion and 757.4 billion, respectively. Spending on shopping decreased by 27.8 billion to 1,426.1 billion due to the strong yen over the summer and weakening Chinese economy, hampering sales of luxury goods and household appliances.


The tourism ministry also published a breakdown of the top inbound visitors. Chinese tourists increased 27.6% to 6.37 million, while Koreans and Taiwanese visitors were 5.09 million and 4.17 million, respectively.

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