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JCP convention ended with emphasis on united opposition front

  • January 19, 2017
  • , Sankei , p. 5
  • JMH Translation

The 27th Japanese Communist Party convention ended on Jan. 18 with the adoption of a resolution including the establishment of a coalition government through a united opposition front as a result of the next general election.


The convention approved the continuation of the current leadership under Chairperson Kazuo Shii and Head of the Secretariat Akira Koike, as well as the appointment of House of Representatives member Akira Kasai as the JCP policy committee chairperson.


At a press conference after the convention, Shii stated that the JCP will not change its platform that stipulates the abolition of Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.


Points of the resolution adopted at the 27th JCP convention

  • The establishment of a coalition government by advancing a united opposition front.
  • The convention confirms the beginning of a new political movement, in which a joint struggle between opposition parties and citizens confronts the Abe administration, the ruling coalition between the LDP and Komeito and supplementary political forces that support the coalition.
  • The JCP and the Democratic Party have agreed that the two parties will oppose the security laws, the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement and Constitutional revision.
  • The JCP will request other opposition parties 1) draw up common policies; 2) mutually endorse and support candidates for single-seat constituencies; and 3) narrow down possible means to realize a coalition government formed by opposition parties.
  • The JCP will aim to win the public’s support in a general election so as to defeat the current two-third majority of the Constitutional revision forces. The target is 8.5 million votes in a proportional representation election of the House of Representatives.
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