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Number of Japanese studying in U.S. to decline under Trump administration?

Friday evening’s Asahi published a story on growing hesitancy among some Japanese students about studying in the U.S. on account of President Trump’s messages on Muslims and illegal immigrants that they feel undermine their image of the U.S. as a “free and tolerant” country. According to the daily, the number of Japanese students wishing to study in the U.S. dropped some 4% last year at one Japanese study abroad support agency, as opposed to 33% and 13% increases in those hoping to study in Australia and Canada, respectively. An agency official conjectured that Trump’s extreme remarks may have discouraged some youths from choosing America as a study abroad destination. The U.S. Embassy reportedly emphasized the USG’s commitment to encouraging more Japanese students to come to the U.S. by saying: “The relationships between Americans and Japanese who have spent time learning about each other’s countries and cultures are the heart of the U.S.-Japan alliance”


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