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Abe dismisses possibility of Japan participating in U.S.-led operation against ISIL

Asahi wrote that Prime Minister Abe stated in the Upper House on Tuesday that the Abe administration is not considering the possibility of Japan participating in military operations against ISIL or providing logistical support for the operations. The premier made this remark in response to a question from Democratic Party leader Renho, who asked about the possibility of Japan providing support for the U.S. military in connection with President Trump’s proclamation that he will make defeating ISIL and other radical Islamic terrorist groups his administration’s top foreign policy goal. Abe added that this is an issue on which Japan should make its own decision and that he will explain Japan’s position to the Trump administration.


Concerning President Trump’s argument that Japan should pay more for the stationing of U.S. troops, Abe stated that the U.S.-Japan security arrangement is not a framework that benefits only one side and that the spending should be appropriately borne by the U.S. and Japan.


Japanese Communist Party leader Shii criticized the Abe administration’s acceptance of the resumption of aerial refueling training for Futenma-based Ospreys as a “shameful action that gives priority to the U.S.-Japan alliance over the safety of local residents.” The premier responded by saying that the resumption made sense because effective measures to prevent further mishaps had been taken.

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