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President Trump likely to call for progress in bilateral trade deal with Japan

NHK reported at noon that according to Reuters, President Trump is planning to call on Prime Minister Abe to make rapid progress in a bilateral trade deal to replace the TPP when they meet early next month.


Concerning President Trump’s plan to tax imports from Mexico to pay for the wall to be built at the U.S.-Mexico border, NHK reported that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told the press this morning: “The Japanese government will refrain from commenting on this because it is a matter concerning the two nations. We will continue to closely monitor how such a policy would affect Japanese companies.” On President Trump’s indication that he plans to pursue bilateral trade deals with TPP member states, including Japan, Suga reportedly said: “The U.S.-Japan alliance and bilateral economic relationship are extremely important. We hope to hold discussions with the new government at various levels on how to develop and deepen them.” Meanwhile, Finance Minister Aso reportedly told reporters today: “In the planned summit, we need to explain how Japanese companies are creating jobs in the U.S.”

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