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Summit with President Trump to involve political risks to Abe

TV Asahi’s “Hodo Station” aired a 20-minute report on the confusion in the U.S. and around the world caused by President Trump’s executive order on immigration. Doshisha University Professor Masanori Naito commented that President Trump’s executive order will not make the U.S. safer and might instead increase the threat of terrorism. Kenji Goto, a Kyodo News editorial writer and regular commentator to the news show, commented on Prime Minister Abe’s evasive remarks during an Upper House Budget Committee session on Monday. Goto said: “Many European leaders criticized President Trump’s immigration policy, but Prime Minister Abe has remained evasive. I wonder whether this attitude will be acceptable to the international community for someone who considers himself to be a ‘world leader. The premier stated after his first meeting with Trump last November that Trump is a leader whom he can trust. I wonder if President Trump is really a trustworthy leader. The premier will have to take political risks in his meeting with President Trump on Feb. 10 in view of the growing worldwide criticism of his immigration policy. The meeting will test the prime minister’s responsibility as a world leader.”.

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