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TV pundits criticize Abe for being ambiguous about U.S. immigration order

Commercial broadcasters’ infotaiment shows at noon took up the controversy unleashed by President Trump’s immigration order, highlighting Prime Minister Abe’s evasive comment made at the parliament yesterday. They contrasted Abe’s ambiguity with the strong opposition expressed by European and other world leaders, with all the panelists expressing regret that the Japanese leader has failed to take a concerted line with the international community in condemning the U.S. policy. Waseda University Graduate School Professor Haruna said the absence of remarks by Abe calling for President Trump to respect human rights has left the impression that Tokyo is “blindly following” Washington. Waseda University Adjunct Professor Nakabayashi explained that the fact that Japan only accepts a handful of refugees a year probably makes it difficult for the premier to criticize the U.S. immigration policy. Another commentator insisted that Abe should convey the Japanese people’s disapproval of the U.S. leader’s failure to respect basic human rights.  

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