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Abe’s souvenir for President Trump to be American jobs

Asahi reported that the ministers of finance, foreign affairs, and trade will accompany Prime Minister Abe on his trip to Washington for a summit meeting with President Trump on Feb. 10. The paper noted that it is unusual for so many key cabinet ministers to accompany the prime minister on an overseas trip, claiming that this shows the Abe administration’s determination to express its position of attaching importance to U.S.-Japan relations. The Abe administration is putting together a draft package of economic cooperation programs entitled the “U.S.-Japan Growth and Employment Initiative” as a souvenir for the President. The paper speculated that Tokyo is taking this approach out of concern that President Trump’s criticism of the TPP and Japan’s money-easing policy could have a direct impact on the Abenomics growth strategy. The paper added that the GOJ has been closely analyzing a paper titled “Scoring the Trump Economic Plan” that was co-authored last September by National Trade Council Charmian Peter Navarro and Commerce Secretary-designate Wilbur Ross.

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