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NHK poll: 68% welcome outcome of U.S.-Japan summit

An NHK poll conducted over the weekend showed that the approval rate for the Abe cabinet rose by 3 points to 58% from a survey conducted last month, while nonsupport fell 6 points to 23%.


When asked about their views on the outcome of the recent U.S.-Japan summit, 13% said they welcomed it very much, 55% said they welcomed it somewhat, 21% said they didn’t welcome it very much, and 6% didn’t welcome it at all. Concerning the joint statement released after the summit in which the two leaders affirmed that the Senkaku Islands fall within the scope of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, 31% welcomed it very much, 40% said they welcomed it somewhat, 16% said they didn’t welcome it very much, and 5% didn’t welcome it at all.


When asked their views about the new U.S.-Japan economic dialogue to be chaired by Vice President Pence and Deputy Prime Minister Aso, 23% welcomed it, 6% didn’t welcome it, and 60% said they weren’t sure. Concerning President Trump’s telephone conversation with Chinese President Xi, during which the U.S. leader stated his administration’s plan to uphold the “One China” policy, 9% welcomed it, 23% didn’t welcome it, and 55% said they weren’t sure. Asked their views about President Trump’s executive order on immigration, 1% welcomed it very much, 12% welcomed it somewhat, 33% didn’t welcome it very much, and 46% didn’t welcome it at all.

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