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LDP includes submission of constitutional revision motions to Diet in 2017 political platform

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) announced the party’s political platform for 2017 on Feb. 21. A passage on “taking concrete steps toward submitting motions for constitutional revision” is included. According to the party, this is the first time that “submission of motions” for constitutional revision has been mentioned, and this was based on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s wishes. An official decision will be made at the party convention on March 5.


An original draft drawn up by the drafting committee of the political platform retained the 2016 wording of “aim at studying and drawing up draft constitutional revision proposals.” However, it was instructed by Abe to make revisions that go as far as “submission of motions.” A senior party official pointed out that this is an indication of the Prime Minister’s “strong desire to set the course for constitutional revision.”


In light of the 70th anniversary of the effectuation of the constitution this year, the political platform also includes a clause on “accelerating deliberations on the constitution in the Diet and setting a clear course for constitutional revision for the people.” (Abridged)

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