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44% in favor of, 25% opposed to bill that would criminalize conspiracy to commit terrorism, Asahi poll

In the telephone-based public opinion survey conducted nationwide by the Asahi Shimbun on Feb. 18–19, some 44% said they are “in favor” of a bill that would amend the law on organized crime to add a charge of making preparations for terrorism, while 25% said they are “opposed.” Some 31% replied either “other” or “no answer.”


The poll also probed views on the summit between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Donald Trump. Some 54% said they “approve” of the outcomes of the recent summit while 27% indicated they do not. At the summit, it was decided that Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso and Vice President Mike Pence will engage in discussions on economic issues. When asked if they think Japan-U.S. economic ties will go in a positive direction for Japan with this initiative, some 54% said that they thought ties will “remain unchanged,” while 18% said that ties will “go in a positive direction for Japan” with this initiative and 13% said ties will “go in a negative direction for Japan.”


The support rate for the Abe cabinet was level at 52% (previous poll [Jan. 14–15]: 54%). The nonsupport rate was 25% (26%). (Abridged)


[Polling methodology: The survey was conducted on Feb. 18–19 on a computer-aided random digit dialing (RDD) basis of voters nationwide with telephone calls placed by pollsters to landline and mobile phone numbers (for landlines, some districts in Fukushima Prefecture were excluded). Valid responses were received from 807 persons (out of 1,627 households found to have one or more eligible voters) for landline numbers and from 953 persons (out of the 2,121 persons found to be eligible voters) for mobile numbers. The valid response rates were 50% for landline numbers and 45% for mobile numbers.]

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