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  • February 27, 2017
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Most networks gave top play to reports that the Malaysian health minister held a press conference on Sunday and said that a large amount of VX nerve agent was used to murder Kim Jong Nam. Other top news included a report on the Tokyo Marathon held on Sunday.


Top stories in national dailies included an estimate that TEPCO’s compensation for the Fukushima nuclear accident may end up costing each household 1,484 yen in additional electricity fees per year (Asahi); the situation in Fukushima six years after the nuclear accident (Mainichi); the police’s discovery of a fraud group targeting Chinese in Fukuoka (Yomiuri); an increase in the number of small-scale geothermal generation projects in Japan (Nikkei), and the growing production of synthetic meat to prepare for the possibility of a food crisis in the future (Sankei).

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