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Kishida avoids mentioning Henoko plan in meeting with Okinawa leader

  • February 27, 2017
  • , Okinawa Times
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Monday’s Okinawa Times reported on Foreign Minister Kishida’s talks with Okinawa Governor Onaga on Sunday, highlighting that the GOJ official did not mention that the “Henoko relocation plan is the only solution.” Pointing out that Kishida used the phrase in his earlier meeting with the”pro-GOJ” leaders of nine local municipalities the same day and that in his session with Onaga he instead underscored the GOJ’s efforts to reduce the security burden on Okinawa, the daily speculated that Kishida chose not to discuss the Henoko plan with the Okinawa chief in the belief that the Kantei and the Defense Ministry rather than MOFA should take the lead in dealing with base issues in the island prefecture. According to the paper, the foreign minister told the press afterward that he did not mention the Henoko option simply because he did “not have enough time.”   

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