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Okinawa governor presents 12 demands to FM Kishida

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida met with Governor Takeshi Onaga at the prefectural government office on Feb. 26. Onaga presented a document listing the following 12 demands at this meeting:


  1. Cancellation of the plan to construct a new military base in Henoko.
  2. Relocation of the Futenma Air Station out of Okinawa, early return of base land, and termination of operations within five years.
  3. Withdraw the Ospreys.
  4. Drastic review of the Japan-U.S. Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).
  5. Relocation of U.S. Marines out of Okinawa and return of facilities and sites south of the Kadena Air Base (KAB).
  6. Drastic measures to prevent crimes by U.S. military personnel.
  7. Prevention of accidents resulting from military exercises and thorough safety management.
  8. Reduction of aircraft noise on the KAB and the Futenma base.
  9. Further easing of fishery restrictions in the Hotel/Hotel training area. Return of the Torishima and Kumejima Firing Ranges.
  10. Necessary measures for the effective and appropriate utilization of returned U.S. military base land.
  11. Review of the Japan-Taiwan and Japan-China fishery agreements.
  12. Declaration to the international community that the Senkaku Islands are an integral part of Japanese territory. Improvement of relations with China and ensuring safety in nearby territorial waters and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) through peaceful diplomacy.


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