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Anti-terrorism bill will punish participant in serious crime by a syndicate

  • February 28, 2017
  • , Yomiuri , p. 2
  • JMH Translation

The government disclosed the revision to the Act on Punishment of Organized Crimes and Control of Crime Proceeds (the anti-terrorism bill) in its entirety on Feb. 27. The main pillar of the bill is the establishment of a “crime for preparing terrorist activities” that punishes people who participate in activities of a syndicated crime organization for planning and preparing to execute a serious crime. There is a real possibility of a crime organization’s involvement in the 277 crimes under the scope of the bill. The government hopes to obtain a cabinet decision on March 10. (Abridged)


Main points of anti-terrorism bill


  • The subject of crime will be a crime organization
  • Penalties are rendered to those participated in a “serious crime” that is planned by more than two people and for which at least one person has engaged in preparatory activity.
  • “Serious crimes” consist of 277 crimes in which involvement of a crime organization is a realistic possibility. These crimes are punishable by more than four years of confinement with or without labor.
  • Among “serious crimes,” planning a crime punishable by death or a crime punishable with more than ten years of confinement with or without labor will receive a sentence of “less than five years'” incarceration under the anti-terrorism bill and planning a crime punishable with four to ten years of confinement with or without labor will receive a sentence of “less than two years’” incarceration under the anti-terrorism bill.
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