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34% say President Trump’s actions and statements are “dangerous,” Genron NPO survey

Genron NPO [headed by President Yasushi Kudo] announced the findings of the Japanese Experts Opinion Survey it conducted prior to the Tokyo Conference. Some 34.5% of those polled responded that President Trump’s actions and statements “are increasing conflict and anxiety regarding world norms and cooperative frameworks; I find his actions dangerous.” Some 24.6% indicated that “he is increasing unrest and conflict [not only in the international system at large but] also in the United States, and I can’t agree with him.”


Some 27.4% said, “I do not believe he will put into action what he promised at the time of the election, and it is difficult to make any judgment at present.” A certain percentage of people are attempting to assess Trump’s handling of matters as president. Some 5% said: “Given the current state of the world and the United States, I believe his statements and actions are appropriate. These are understandable.”


Asked how they view the future of the world order, some 22.8% said, “In the absence of a country assuming leadership in the world order, [a so-called ‘G0’ situation will prevail,] leading to greater instability.” Some 22.1% said, “U.S. President Trump will be pressured to change course, and international cooperation based on multilateralism will be narrowly maintained.”


More than half of respondents (52.3%) said Japan “should accept more refugees and immigrants.”


The survey, conducted from the end of February to the beginning of March 2017, targeted NPO representatives and academics in Japan. A total of 281 responded.


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