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Cabinet approval plummets amid Moritomo Gakuen scandal

  • March 20, 2017
  • , Yomiuri
  • JMH Summary

Monday’s Yomiuri front-paged the results of its latest public opinion survey that put support for the Abe administration at 56%, down 10 points from a month ago, and nonsupport at 33%, up 9 points, noting that the drop was the largest since the second Abe administration was launched in December 2012. While attributing the plunge to the Moritomo Gakuen scandal, the daily said not many LDP officials are alarmed since more than half of the public still appears to have faith in the premier. The paper added, however, that Abe’s popularity may continue to slide if he fails to provide solid accounts of his and his wife’s dealings with the troubled school operator. More voters may also become skeptical of the cabinet depending on Defense Minister Inada’s explanations of her ties with Moritomo Gakuen and her ministry’s “concealment” of data compiled by a GSDF unit engaged in peacekeeping operations in South Sudan.


Today’s Mainichi took up the recent drop in cabinet approval reported by a number of pollsters, suspecting that independent voters are becoming disillusioned with the premier over the Moritomo Gakuen scandal. However, the paper projected that the drop in support will probably not last long given that public distrust of the largest opposition Democratic Party apparently remains very strong. Sankei’s latest poll put support for Abe at 57.4%, down only 1.4 points from a month ago. 

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