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DPRK conducts unsuccessful missile launch

  • March 22, 2017
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Broadcasters and national papers reported on an announcement by the South Korean Defense Ministry earlier today that North Korea launched a missile from the eastern part of the country this morning, but it apparently exploded in midair. The ROK military is currently analyzing the situation to identify what type of projectile was fired. According to NHK, the U.S. Pacific Command also made an announcement on the failed launch, noting that the missile appears to have exploded several seconds after it was launched. An unnamed State Department official condemned the Kim regime’s latest attempt to launch a missile and said, “We urge North Korea to halt provocations that undermine peace and stability in the region.”  


Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters that there was no indication that a DPRK missile flew toward Japan. He said: “We don’t think that a situation has emerged in which our nation’s security is directly affected…. We are collecting and analyzing intelligence. However, we will not release detailed information given the nature of the situation. Protecting the lives and property of the Japanese people is the government’s foremost responsibility. We are fulfilling this responsibility with respect to North Korea and maintaining a high-level surveillance system.”

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