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Nippon Ishin sets sights on Tokyo polls

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Nippon Ishin no Kai, at a party convention in Tokyo on Saturday, expressed its resolve to gain more power through elections including the closely watched Tokyo assembly poll in July.


Highlighting the importance of the assembly election, party leader and Osaka Gov. Ichiro Matui said in a speech, “Let’s unify our strength to carry out politics to guide Japan in the right direction.”


Nippon Ishin currently plans to field six candidates, including one incumbent, for the metropolitan assembly election. It hopes to add more candidates.


At the convention, the party adopted its action policy for 2017, featuring the promotion of painful reforms, such as reductions in the number of seats in the Diet and pay cuts for national lawmakers.


The party also announced a pledge to slash the number of Tokyo assembly seats from the current 127 to 25.


It was the first time that Nippon Ishin has held a party convention in Tokyo since the party was launched as Osaka Ishin no Kai in the western Japan city in October 2015.

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