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Japan decides not to participate in talks on Nuclear Weapons Convention

NHK reported this morning that Japan declared that it will not participate in the negotiations on the Nuclear Weapons Convention that began at the UN headquarters in New York today. The U.S. and 20 or so other nations are also abstaining from the talks. Japanese Ambassador Takamisawa delivered a speech at the opening session in which he said “it would be difficult for Japan to participate in this conference in a constructive manner and in good faith” since it is essential for the nuclear and non-nuclear powers to cooperate on nuclear disarmament. The network said the talks highlighted the differences between not only the nuclear and non-nuclear powers but also within the non-nuclear states over the issue of nuclear disarmament, adding that it remains to be seen whether the talks will mark a step toward nuclear arms reduction. 


Foreign Minister Kishida told reporters this morning that the talks might have “adverse effects” by further deepening the conflict between the nuclear and non-nuclear powers. He also reportedly said it would be more “realistic” to continue making tenacious efforts within a framework made up of both the nuclear and non-nuclear powers, and that this would be the shortest route to achieving a world without nuclear weapons.

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