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Governor Onaga decides to order Okinawa Defense Bureau to stop relocation work

  • March 28, 2017
  • , NHK
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NHK reported on its website that Okinawa Governor Onaga decided to order the Okinawa Defense Bureau to stop the offshore construction work in Henoko given that it is not following the conditions set when Okinawa granted permission to destroy the rock reefs.  According to the network, while Okinawa asked the bureau for an explanation on why the size and location of the concrete blocks used in the construction are different from those specified in the plan submitted to the prefecture, the bureau replied by saying that there is no change from the existing plan. The network said the governor has decided to call for the cancellation of the work given that the Okinawa Defense Bureau has failed to fulfill the requirement to provide the necessary information in response to an inquiry from the governor about the progress of the work. The network added, however, that the Okinawa Defense Bureau is expected to disregard the prefecture’s order on the grounds that Okinawa’s permission is no longer necessary because the local fishermen have already relinquished their fishing rights in the area.

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