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90% of political appointee posts in USG still vacant

Asahi wrote that although more than 70 days have passed since President Trump took office, many senior posts in U.S. government agencies are still vacant. Nominations have yet to be announced for nearly 90% of the 553 senior political appointee posts that require congressional confirmation. At the Department of State, only three of the 119 political appointee positions – secretary of state, ambassador to the UN, and ambassador to Israel – have been confirmed. Six nominees, including William Hagerty for ambassador to Japan, are awaiting confirmation, but the remaining 110 posts, including deputy secretary and assistant secretary for East Asian and Pacific affairs, are still vacant. Noting that many of the USG officials who accompanied Secretary Tillerson on his trip to Japan in March were apparently only filling in temporarily, the paper quoted a senior MOFA official as expressing concern that the situation could affect diplomatic continuity.

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