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Mount Fuji Dialogue offers plan to bolster U.S.-Japan alliance

Nikkei wrote that the Mount Fuji Dialogue, an experts’ group cosponsored by the Japan Center for Economic Research and the Japan Institute of International Affairs, released on Wednesday a set of proposals on the U.S.-Japan alliance that is titled “Toward a Greater Alliance.” The group urged the U.S., Japan, and South Korea to enhance their security cooperation and make progress on missile defense in light of North Korea’s continued nuclear weapons development and ballistic missile tests. The report also stated that Tokyo and Seoul should work harder to improve their relations in preparation for the change of government in South Korea and honor the 2015 agreement on comfort women. The proposal also stated that Japan should enhance the capabilities of its coast guard and the Maritime Self Defense Force in order to support the United States’ freedom of navigation operations. The group also proposed that Japan expand logistical support for the U.S. Marine Corps and conduct joint exercises with the U.S., Australia, and India by stationing SDF troops on U.S. military bases on Guam.


On the economic front, the group proposed that Japanese steel and energy companies cooperate with the U.S. The report also advised the U.S. against leaving the TPP. The group plans to submit the proposal to the U.S. and Japanese governments in the near future.


Asahi also reported on the proposal, saying that the group expressed strong concern about President Trump for bringing uncertainty to the post-Cold War international order.

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