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GOJ, LDP officials comment on U.S. attack on Syria

On the U.S. missile strike against Syria in response to the chemical weapons attack, NHK reported that Foreign Minister Kishida said at a Lower House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting this morning that the GOJ is currently confirming the details. He also said that Japan, as a member of the UN Security Council, needs to contribute to the international community’s response and discussions on the matter. LDP Vice President Komura was quoted as saying this morning: “I think this means that the U.S. has solid evidence that the Assad regime crossed a red line by using chemical weapons. This will show rogue states that the U.S. is serious and deter them from committing lawless acts. On the other hand, North Korea may think that Syria was attacked because it doesn’t have any nuclear weapons, so North Korea needs more missiles and nuclear weapons. I hope the message that the Trump administration, unlike the Obama administration, will take bold actions against nations that cross red lines will be effective in suppressing rogue states.”

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