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Vice President Pence, Prime Minister Abe agree to apply more pressure on North Korea

All papers ran front-page reports on a meeting between Vice President Pence and Prime Minister Abe at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence on Tuesday. The papers wrote that the two leaders agreed on the need to apply further pressure on North Korea since its nuclear and missile development has entered a new phase. Nikkei wrote that the Vice President and the prime minister confirmed the U.S. policy of not excluding military options while seeking a peaceful solution. The paper also wrote that the two leaders agreed to urge China to play a greater role. Asahi wrote that the Vice President stressed that the U.S. plans to apply diplomatic and economic pressure on Pyongyang together with China. The paper also wrote that the Vice President stated at a joint press conference with Deputy Prime Minister Aso that the era of strategic patience is over. Mainichi wrote that Vice President Pence expressed Washington’s firm stance toward North Korea by saying that peace comes through strength. Yomiuri wrote that Abe welcomed the U.S.’s position to step up its pressure on the DPRK by displaying its military strength. The paper added that the Vice President thanked Prime Minister Abe for Japan’s support for the recent U.S. attack on Syria.

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