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More foreigners visited Japan in Jan.-March, spent less per person

  • April 19, 2017
  • , Kyodo News , 17:55:24 JST
  • English Press

More foreigners visited Japan but spent less per person in the January to March quarter compared with the same period a year earlier, government data showed Wednesday.


The Tourism Agency said that in the first three months of 2017, an estimated 6,537,200 people visited Japan, up 13.6 percent. While the combined amount they spent in the country grew 4.0 percent to an estimated 967.9 billion yen ($8.93 billion), the amount per visitor dropped 8.5 percent to 148,066 yen.


Chinese visitors continued to drive spending among foreign visitors, spending 371.8 billion yen, followed by Taiwanese at 133.4 billion yen and South Koreans at 118.0 billion yen.


But Chinese visitors spent 4.7 percent less overall and 14.9 percent less per visitor, translating into 225,489 yen spent by each Chinese visitor during the first quarter.


South Koreans accounted for the largest share of foreign visitors during the three-month period at 1,713,800 people, or 26.2 percent of the total, followed by Chinese at 1,648,700 people, or 25.2 percent.


The number of foreign visitors for March was estimated at 2,205,700, up 9.8 percent year on year and a record for the month.


By country and region, visitors from China ranked top at 509,000, up 2.2 percent, followed by South Korea at 488,400, up 30.6 percent, and Taiwan at 339,900, up 3.5 percent.

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