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Suga says G7 leaders to demonstrate solidarity over North Korea and terrorism

NHK reported this afternoon that Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga said at a press briefing this morning that PM Abe will visit Italy and Malta and attend the G7 summit in Sicily from May 25 to 28. The network said the premier is hoping to send a powerful message to demonstrate solidarity among the G7 nations over such issues as North Korea and terrorism. Suga was quoted as saying: “The G7 leaders will hold candid discussions on how to lead the global economy and how to address the pressing issue of North Korea and anti-terrorism measures.” Suga also said: “Japan, as last year’s host nation for the G7, and as a driver of the international community based on free and open rules, will send out a powerful, clear message.” In addition, Suga reportedly said that PM Abe will hold meetings with President Trump and new French President Macron on the sidelines of the G7 summit and also visit a cemetery of Japanese navy members who were deployed to Malta during WWI. 

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