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  • May 25, 2017
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NHK gave top play to a report on two explosions near a bus terminal in Jakarta, Indonesia, on Wednesday evening, which killed three police officers and injured 10 people. TBS gave top play to a report on its interview with former Vice Education Minister Maekawa, who said that the ministry’s documents regarding the scandal involving plans for Kake Educational Institution to set up a veterinary school are “genuine.” TV Asahi reported on the conflict between governors and the central government over sharing the cost of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. NTV led with a report that architect Kengo Kuma’s new design for the National Stadium to be used for the Tokyo Olympics was revealed on Wednesday. Fuji TV continued to report on the Manchester bombing.


Main front-page items in national papers included updates on the Manchester bombing, the former vice education minister’s admission that the Kantei applied pressure on it to approve the launch of a veterinary school pursued by a close friend of Prime Minster Abe, the opening of the G7 Taormina Summit in Italy tomorrow, and the death of former Finance Minister Yosano. 

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