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Okinawa upset over U.S. military plan to use Navy ramp at Kadena

Saturday morning’s Okinawa Times reported on a Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) announcement on Friday that four U-2 reconnaissance planes and some 180 airmen from Osan AB in South Korea will be temporarily stationed at Kadena AB for about 30 days. The local community is reacting strongly to a PACAF plan to have three of the four spy aircraft use a Navy ramp that the U.S. military promised not to use any more in accordance with the 1996 SACO agreement. While the U.S. military reportedly stressed that “every effort will be made to minimize noise” associated with the use of the ramp, the article said the Kadena mayor is extremely dissatisfied with the plan. The municipal leader reportedly exchanged “harsh words” over the phone on Thursday with Kadena Commander Cornish, who asked for the town’s understanding for the use of ramp by the ROK-based planes, which he said is necessary to monitor the situation in North Korea because the runways at Osan are undergoing repair.


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