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Okinawa leader discloses plan to file suit to thwart Futenma relocation

  • June 8, 2017
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All papers took up yesterday’s press conference in Naha by Okinawa Governor Onaga, in which said he plans to sue the central government to block the ongoing FRF construction work off Camp Schwab pending the prefectural assembly’s endorsement of a related motion to be submitted by the prefectural government later this month. The legislature is likely to approve the motion on July 14. The governor said: “I cannot accept the central government’s efforts to establish a fait accompli by proceeding with reclamation work no matter what.” The governor took issue with Tokyo’s failure to obtain a permit for destroying rock reefs, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told the press yesterday: “There is no problem. We are handling the matter appropriately.” GOJ officials are confident that the court will dismiss the case. 

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