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Hikabusha group adopts resolution urging Japan to join nuclear weapons ban treaty talks

The Japan Confederation of A- and H-Bomb Sufferers Organizations [Hidankyo] held a general meeting in Tokyo on June 7. The group adopted a special resolution urging Japan to participate in the talks for a nuclear weapons ban treaty that will resume in New York on June 15 before the meeting adjourned. It strongly urged the nuclear powers and the Japanese government, which relies on the “nuclear umbrella,” to “work together for a world free of nuclear weapons.”


The Hidankyo also elected new officers. Terumi Tanaka, 85, stepped down as secretary general to become a member of the board of directors, while board member Mikiso Iwasa, 88, retired to become an adviser. Tanaka will be replaced by Sueichi Kido, 77, currently deputy secretary general.


The resolution welcomed efforts to sign a nuclear arms ban treaty and expressed hopes for the conclusion of a robust treaty. Deputy Secretary General Masako Wada, 73, who will be sent to New York to talk about the hibakushas’ experience, stated in her speech that she will “talk extensively about the inhumanity of nuclear weapons.”

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