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MEXT finds new document on Kake Gakuen

NHK reported today that Education Minister Matsuno announced this morning that the ministry found an additional document at the ministry on statements made during a meeting between Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Hagiuda and a MEXT official last October, three months before Kake Gakuen was selected to operate a new veterinary school. The document reportedly states that Hagiuda told the MEXT official that the Kantei is determined to allow the Kake institution to open a new veterinary school and that the prime minister specified that the new school should open in April 2018.


According to the network, Minister Matsuno admitted that the director general of the Higher Education Bureau met with Hagiuda on Oct. 21 to explain the issue of opening a veterinary school in a special strategic zone. Matsuno reportedly said, however, that the document was prepared by a different MEXT official who received a briefing from the Higher Education Bureau chief and other officials, and that the document contains statements that were not made by Hagiuda. 


Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning that the deputy chief cabinet secretary said he did not make any such comments and defended the selection process by saying it was carried out appropriately and that there was no political pressure.

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