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Noise pollution at Kadena base soars due to transient jets

Thursday’s Okinawa Times gave prominent front-page coverage to a report on a surge in noise pollution at Kadena AB in the past 51 days due to the temporary deployment of F-16 jet fighters belonging to installations on the U.S. mainland, including one in Colorado. According to Kadena Town Mayor Toyama, the number of instances of noise over 100 decibels recorded at a location near the Air Force facility during the period from May 8 to June 27 increased by four-fold to 32 from a period of the same length until May 8 when the USAF Fighting Falcons began training at the base. Claiming that the living conditions of Kadena residents have deteriorated due to the increase in noise pollution caused by the transient aircraft, the article said that the municipal leader called for the central government to help mitigate the noise pollution. The mayor insisted that the U.S. military has failed to fulfill its obligation to make utmost efforts to reduce damage.   

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