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Discord emerging between U.S., China

All Tuesday morning papers took up a teleconference on Sunday between President Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi, highlighting the Chinese leader’s remarks that bilateral relations are being “affected by several negative elements.” Xi was apparently expressing displeasure with the Trump administration’s recent stepping up pressure on Beijing, including the latest arms sales to Taiwan and “secondary sanctions” imposed on a Chinese firm conducting transactions with North Korea. The dailies said Washington is becoming increasingly frustrated with Beijing for not offering enough cooperation in defusing the tension on the Korean Peninsula, projecting that the diplomatic honeymoon between the two major powers may be coming to an end.  


In a related story, Tuesday evening’s Asahi front-paged the disclosure by a USG source that the Trump administration has already decided to step up pressure on China, noting that Washington is considering imposing “secondary sanctions” on more than a dozen additional Chinese enterprises and individuals. President Trump has reportedly concluded following the U.S.-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue in mid-June that Beijing has not done enough to restrain the DPRK.


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