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Experts discuss North Korea

During NHK’s “Nichiyo Toron” Sunday debate show, six experts discussed North Korea’s escalating nuclear and missile development, including the recent ICBM test. MIT Center for International Studies Senior Fellow Yukio Okamoto commented that North Korea will likely continue its nuclear and missile development based on the assumption that the U.S. will not take military action against Pyongyang even if it continues to stage provocations. Former Japanese Ambassador to China Yuji Miyamoto speculated that North Korea’s “success” in its ICBM test has major implications for East Asian security. Keio University Professor Yasushi Watanabe pointed out that there is talk in the U.S. on holding discussions in the international community on how to “control” North Korea’s nuclear and missile development instead of struggling to put an end to it because Pyongyang appears unlikely to abandon its nuclear and missiles programs no matter what kind of pressure the international community applies. Waseda University Professor Lee Jong Won expressed the view that the DPRK’s official announcement of its ICBM test was aimed at provoking the U.S. Former MSDF fleet commander Yoji Koda said that North Korea has been steadily advancing its missile technology, while Hosei University Russian expert Nobuo Shimotomai speculated that Russia has been carefully watching the spat between the U.S. and China over their responses to the DPRK.

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