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Gist of Japan-Russia summit on July 7

The following is the gist of the Japan-Russia summit on July 7:


Northern Territories


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: The conclusion of a peace treaty is indispensable for building a relationship of trust. We will promote joint economic activities and grave visits [by former islanders] and further develop the relationship of trust between the two countries.


President Vladimir Putin: We hope that the ongoing dialogue between our two countries will promote the development of the bilateral relationship and help resolve the issues left over by history.


Abe, Putin: We engaged in in-depth discussions on the issue of the peace treaty and agreed to hold another summit meeting in September in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East. We also affirmed that both sides will continue to make utmost efforts.


Joint economic activities


Abe, Putin: We agreed to accelerate discussions on concrete projects for joint economic activities in the Northern Territories and to hold a vice-ministerial meeting in Moscow in late August to identify specific projects. The government-private sector survey mission sent by Japan in late June was of great significance and it will help speed up discussions going forward.


Grave visits


Abe, Putin: Coordination will be undertaken to arrange for the former islanders to travel by plane to the northern islands in order to visit graves, a trip that was cancelled in June due to inclement weather, at an appropriate time in September.


North Korea issues


Abe: It is necessary to apply stronger pressure on North Korea. Russia should play a greater role.


Putin: We understand Japan’s concerns. We would like to urge North Korea to desist from actions in conflict with the nuclear nonproliferation regime.



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