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MPD official ordered not to serve arrest warrant on reporter close to PM Abe

According to a source connected to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), MPD criminal investigations bureau chief Itaru Nakamura was ordered to stop serving an arrest warrant on then TBS reporter Noriyuki Yamaguchi, who is close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, immediately before investigators were about serve the warrant at Narita Airport in June 2015 when the reporter arrived from the U.S. The charge was quasi-rape. Currently, Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution is scrutinizing the case. It was extremely unprecedented that a high-ranking police official like Nakamura was ordered to stop serving an arrest warrant. Strangely enough, the Takanawa Police Station, the competent station under the MPD, was investigating the case, but Nakamura in charge of criminal investigations at the headquarters meddled in the case.


In September 2009, when now the defunct Democratic Party of Japan took power, Nakamura was appointed secretary to the chief cabinet secretary. Until he returned to the MPD as the criminal investigations bureau chief in March 2015, he worked as a secretary at the Cabinet Office, including the period after the Liberal Democratic Party returned to power in December 2012.


In the MPD, it is customary to report cases involving press reporters to higher-ups. When the Yamaguchi’s case took place in April 2015, he was employed by TBS Holdings and the case was reported to higher-ups of the police organization. It is unknown whether Nakamura reported the case to his former boss Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga. “There is no doubt that Nakamura knew Yamaguchi was very close to Abe,” said a senior MPD official. (Summary)

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