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70% of South Koreans in favor of their nation acquiring nuclear weapons, Japan-South Korea Joint Public Opinion Poll

On July 21, Japan’s Genron NPO and South Korea’s East Asia Institute (EAI) announced the results of their joint public opinion poll conducted from June to July in Japan and South Korea. Asked whether they are in favor of their own nation acquiring nuclear weapons, 67.2% of South Koreans polled said yes, up 8.2 percentage points from the previous year, while 9.0% of Japanese said yes, up 3.9 points.


Concern over North Korea’s ongoing nuclear weapons and missile development is thought to have had an impact. About 40% of both Japanese and South Koreans said military action against North Korea by the United States and other nations “will occur.” Some 43.1% of South Koreans, however, thought it “will not occur.” Approximately 70% of both Japanese and South Koreans said that “the North Korean nuclear weapons issue is difficult to resolve.”


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