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DOS official says U.S. to impose unilateral sanctions on Chinese companies

NHK and most commercial networks reported at noon that Acting Assistant Secretary of State Thornton testified at a Senate hearing on Tuesday that North Korea “has no intention to abandon its nuclear development program” and that “we are not in a situation to hold a dialogue” with North Korea. When asked when the U.S. will impose sanctions on Chinese companies in order to cut the source of financing for North Korea’s nuclear and missile development, she was quoted as saying: “We have been working on coming up with the new list of entities. I think you will see that fairly soon.” The USG has announced on June 29 that it will impose sanctions on two Chinese firms and two Chinese individuals who were involved in North Korean nuclear and missile development. Thornton reportedly stressed that the USG will continue to increase the pressure on North Korea by announcing that it will soon impose fresh sanctions on Chinese companies that have dealings with the North. Meanwhile, the network said Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai warned against such U.S. moves by saying: “Such actions are unacceptable. They seriously impact China-U.S. cooperation on the Korean nuclear issue.” 

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