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PACOM leader comments on regional situation

Asahi published an interview with PACOM Commander Harry Harris, who explained that his command is responsible for dealing with four of the five major security challenges confronting the United States, namely Russia, China, North Korea, and international terrorism. The admiral stressed that enhancing Washington’s security partnership with five regional allies — Japan, South Korea, Australia, the Philippines, and Thailand — is becoming even more important to cope with these challenges effectively. The top U.S. military official in the Pacific said he has now been able to “get some rest” because Japan has made a greater security contribution by enacting the comprehensive security laws and updating bilateral defense cooperation arrangements, calling the present state of the trans-Pacific alliance “better than ever” before in his 40-year career in the U.S. Navy. The admiral expressed hope that Japan and other regional allies will take on greater security responsibilities in a range of fields, such as in the war on terrorism, to strengthen deterrence and ensure the peace and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific. 

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