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Nearly half of crimes by U.S. military community in Japan occurred in Okinawa

Ryukyu Shimpo front-paged a report saying that a recent survey showed that 47.4% of the crimes committed by U.S. service members, civilian base workers, and their dependents from 2008 through 2015 occurred in Okinawa. A group of the Association of Prefectural Governors studying the local burden of hosting U.S. bases conducted the survey at the request of Okinawa Governor Onaga. According to the survey, 486 of a total of 1,025 such crimes in Japan were committed in Okinawa in the eight-year period. Noting that 70.4% of the land in Japan that is exclusively used for U.S. military facilities is concentrated in Okinawa and that Okinawa is forced to deal with noise pollution and the risk of aircraft accidents, the paper wrote that the results of the survey showed once again that Okinawa is bearing a heavy base-hosting burden.

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