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U.S. military releases statement saying it has confirmed safety of Osprey flights in Japan

NHK reported this morning that in response to the Japanese government’s request for the U.S. military to suspend all Osprey flights in Japan following the fatal accident in waters off Australia, the Okinawa Area Coordinator, Lt. Gen. Nicholson, the commander of the III Marine Expeditionary Force, released a statement on Wednesday saying he has confirmed that it is safe to fly Ospreys in Japan.  Lt. Gen. Nicholson also reportedly said in the statement that a thorough investigation into the accident is being conducted and that measures to double-check flight safety procedures have been put in place. He also reportedly expressed the intention to continue Osprey training as the Osprey plays a role in maintaining regional peace and stability. The network added that local opposition will likely escalate because Lt. Gen. Nicholson did not mention the cause of the accident in the statement.

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