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Suga, Onodera comment on North Korea’s provocations

NHK reported at noon that in response to North Korea’s announcement this morning that its military is mulling the launch of mid-range ballistic missiles toward Guam, Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga told reporters this morning: “We must never tolerate North Korea’s provocations. We strongly urge North Korea to abide by UNSC resolutions, including the latest one, and refrain from further provocations.”


Defense Minister Onodera was asked at a Diet session this morning whether the launching of missiles by North Korea toward Guam would constitute a situation that poses a clear danger to Japan’s existence, which would enable Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense. He was quoted as saying in response: “Japan’s role in defense is to serve as a shield. The role of the U.S. is to enhance deterrence with its solid attack capability. Considering the fact that Japan’s deterrence will be enhanced if we combine these two roles, we cannot deny the possibility that Japan’s existence would be in danger if the U.S. side lost its deterrence or attack capability.”

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