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U.S., North Korea engaged in war of rhetoric

All Friday and weekend papers gave extensive coverage to the strong language exchanged between President Trump and the North Korean state media over the Kim Jong Un regime’s relentless provocations, including a proposed missile strike on Guam and the President’s tweet saying: “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely.” The papers speculated that the President’s strong language was probably intended to enlist further cooperation from China by calling attention to his administration’s readiness to take military action if necessary. 


However, the dailies also reported that concern is growing at home and abroad that President Trump’s harsh rhetoric toward North Korea may end up unintentionally triggering a military conflict. The papers highlighted comments made by various global leaders and U.S. experts calling for the U.S. leader to tone down his “bellicose” language. The dailies also expressed apprehension that senior Trump administration officials have not issued a unified message toward North Korea, pointing out that Secretary of State Tillerson and Defense Secretary Mattis are apparently advocating dialogue to defuse the tension on the Korean Peninsula. 

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